Static Script

8:59am – Invite others to join on channel 16: “The St Augustine Cruisers Net is on channel 72 each morning at 9am, Come join our discussion now on channel 72.”
Good morning, this is the St Augustine Cruisers net and I’m NAME, broadcasting from BOAT/LOCATION.  Our purpose is to promote safety, communication and community in this old city and surrounding waters.

If you might be calling in today, please put your radio on high power now so that everyone can hear you.  I will repeat any messages that sound faint, but if you hear someone I miss, please help relay their message.  Before we get started, is there any priority traffic or urgent messages? OVER

Over the next few minutes we’ll discuss weather, tides, local events, and classifieds.

Today is DATE
WEATHER – Atlantic Hurricane Activity (link),  Advisories(link), Temps & Wind(Local weather, Coastal waters)

Remember that if your heading out, please check updated weather data before leaving.

Sun: Sunrise was at x:xxam and Sunset will be at x:xxpm – giving us 13 hours and 52 minutes of natural light today.

Moon: The moon is waning gibbous and about xx% illuminated.  It will rise at x:xxpm and set at x:xxam tomorrow.

TIDE Predictions at the City Dock (link, give tides for the next 24 hours)

High tide at 10:06am (5.06 ft)
Low tide at 4:13pm (-0.72 ft)
High tide at 10:40pm (6.01 ft)
Low tide at 5:01am (-0.54 ft)


Local Happenings (can find things at St Aug Record, See St Aug, Old City, St Aug Cruisers Net Events)


Check-ins, who’s listening today? break

Regulars, new arrivals or those leaving in the next few days

Announcements, classifieds, local services questions or recommendations?

Nautical Trivia

Any repeats needed?

For more information on this net, look for us on Facebook by searching for St Augustine Cruisers Net.

We’re on every morning at 9am on channel 72.

THANK YOU for taking the time to listen this morning.  Channel 72 clear.

*** Feel free to add your own content and personality to your net coverage in addition to these basics. ***

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