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Saturday Nov 16

A quiet net this morning with only two check-ins. I mentioned I would provide a few links that I forgot yesterday and we got an interesting treasure from the bilge.

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Bridge 2, Boats 0

Pictures and video of the boats that broke loose last night can be see at Syeather.Net

Single-handed mooring pickup.

Single-handed mooring pickup.

Maritime Heritage Festival Quick and Dirty Boat Building



Can you Junkanoo?

That was the inspiration for Team Nauti Krewe’s entry into the first QnD event in St. Augustine.  A quick web search will turn up QnD contests from all over the world.  While the competition rules vary, all have one common goal – Having Fun!  Each team of five builders was given a handful of drywall screws, four sheets of plywood, a few 2×4’s, some caulk, paint, and ten hours to build a human powered race boat.  The build happened at the festival and gave festival goers a chance to see the process up close.  Team Nauti Krewe’s

Team Nauti Krewe

Team Nauti Krewe

entry was a five paneled canoe named “JunCanoe” and styled after the loud and colorful Bahamian street parades.

Members of the St. Augustine Cruisers Net/Sailors in St. Augustine (a.k.a. Nauti Krewe) competed against four other teams for three awards; Best in Show, an on the water race, and the Submariner award (awarded to the first boat to sink!).  Best in show consisted of several categories such as build quality, best use of materials and best bribe to the judges.
During the race

During the race

In a photo finish, team Nauti Krewe’s JunCanoe took third place in the boat race held on Hospital Creek. We also ran away in the best bribe category but fell a few points short of the coveted, “Best in Show” Award.  If there had been a spirit award, it would have been no contest – Team Nauti Krewe rocked the house in the boat parade from the build site to the boat launch!  We had the most people, were dressed the loudest, made the most noise, and had the most fun of any team competing.
This looks to be an annual event and Team Nauti Krewe will be there next year.  We invite resident and visiting mariners to join us as we celebrate Maritime History in this Old City.

First Anniversary

October 20 was the first anniversary of the start of the radio Cruiser’s Net. To celebrate we had a happy hour at Meehan’s Backyard. The turnout was incredible with at least 45 people attending. A small contingent moved to the Conch House to wish Wes and Sabine a fond farewell. This was followed by an even smaller group heading to the American Legion for pool and BLT’s.

Thank you everyone for such a fantastic evening.

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